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Arrive at the Castle from 12 noon to enjoy a pre-lunch drink. A delicious 2-course hot buffet lunch will be served at 12.30pm in the spectacular surroundings of the Saloon, followed by teas and coffees. At 2.00pm this month’s ‘Food for Thought’ talk will be given by Pam Barrett.

“Who would imagine that a simple object such as a hat pin could play a significant part in social history? Worn in their millions and made in a huge variety of styles and materials – from gold and gemstones for the rich lady to metal and glass for the scullery maid – they reached their zenith between the late 1800’s, when Victorian bonnets gave way to huge Edwardian headgear, and the 1920’s, when flapper hairstyles and close-fitting hats became fashionable.

Hat pins and warfare are surprisingly connected in a number of ways. Some were designed to look like weapons – swords, rapiers, halberds, flaming grenades and the like – and some were actually used as weapons, particularly by suffragettes and also by women to defend themselves against male assailants.

Vast numbers of men from Britain and its colonies fought in the First World War in many different regiments. Their uniforms has brass buttons that bore the regimental insignia. At that time, all women wore hats that had to be secured with hat pins. To show support for their menfolk, mothers, wives and sweethearts of servicemen had uniform buttons made into hat pins either professionally or with a file and some solder at home.

Countless thousands of military buttons were converted into hat pins, and some of them representing the regiments of men who passed through the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) Hospital at Hartlebury Castle. Come and hear about them and much more.”


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