We’re transforming the castle into a magnificent visitor attraction.

Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust is working to restore some of the Castle’s most magnificent features to their glory, including the garden and surrounding parkland. There’s also going to be investment in visitor facilities helping you to rest, refuel and play. The Castle’s transformation will take place over a number of months with different parts of the site opening up over the next year. The County Museum will be fully open throughout this transformation, with the usual range of events and activities to get you connected with the collections.

The Castle

Alongside the wonderful County Museum, the Bishops’ rooms in the Castle will be opened up for the public to visit. Visitors will be able to visit three floors of the Castle, with highlights including the magnificent Gothic Chapel, the Prince’s Bedroom and the newly restored Long Gallery. Access to the internationally significant Hurd Library will be made easier and interpretation will help you connect with the stories that make Hartlebury so enchanting.

The Gardens

Did you know that Hartlebury gets its name from the deer park that originally surrounded the Castle? Although the deer have now been replaced with cattle, the project will open up a great deal of parkland to Hartlebury visitors. As well as the formal gardens that volunteers are working hard to restore, dog walkers and nature lovers will be able to stretch their legs and go wildlife spotting with the Perimeter Walk.

The restoration of the gardens provide a real challenge to the Trust. The gardens were most comprehensively developed in the 17th century, but contain features from different periods of time. The Trust has to decide what time period in the gardens’ history that they restore to, and this has to in part be led by sustainability. Although there is funding to restore the garden to its lost grandeur, it will be up to a dedicated team of volunteers to maintain the restored garden in the future so the restoration work must create a sustainable, as well as historic garden. Want to get involved? Visit the support us page for more information.

The Facilities

A new café is being built, with more space and outdoor seating so visitors can make the most of summer when it arrives. Play areas for toddlers and children are also being developed to help keep the little ones active. Both the play areas and café will be available free of charge to everyone, regardless of whether they are visiting the Castle and Museum. The car park is also being expanded to better cope with our busy periods and event days.

The Activities

Throughout the project there’ll be a number of ways you can get involved, from volunteering to visiting to learning a skill.

Working Together

Hartlebury Castle is being brought back to the life through a unique relationship between Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust and Museums Worcestershire. Over the next 12 months Hartlebury Castle and the County Museum will be transformed into a unique visitor attraction combining stunning architecture, fascinating collections, gripping stories and beautiful parkland. With new play facilities and a new café there’ll be everything you need, young and old alike, to have a great day out. Throughout the redevelopment the County Museum and the café will be open as usual and there’ll be opportunities to get involved in the project in a variety of ways.

Museums Worcestershire

Museums Worcestershire is the joint museum service of Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council. As well as managing the County Museum, which has been based at Hartlebury Castle since 1966, they have provided support, advice and funding for the Hartlebury Castle project. The County Museum will remain open throughout the development work and will form an integral part of the new Hartlebury site.


Now your help is needed to turn the Castle into something really special. This is your opportunity to get involved in the journey to transform Hartlebury Castle. Every donation has an impact on what the Trust is able to achieve.

There are a number of ways that you can donate to the project:



We want Hartlebury Castle to grow into a major visitor attraction for Worcestershire. Our ambitious plans need your help and support. We need people with determination and commitment who will work together to help us deliver our vision.

Volunteers are central to the future success of Hartlebury Castle.


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